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smillee.jpgsnowy morning.jpgHi, my name is Samantha Rose Farley. I am from Brooklyn, NY and am very proud to be a New Yorker. I grew up in the Flatbush/Midwood area of Brooklyn. My favorite color is that orange you see in the sky right as the sun is setting. I love to read, my favorite book Go Ask Alice. I currently attend the University of Hartford; I am a freshman living on campus. I am a civil engineering major which is part of the College of Engineering Technology and Architecture (CETA).(If you wish to learn more about CETA please contact the Associate Dean, Hisham Alnajjar.) I hope to get my masters in structural engineering with a focus in bridges.I have three best friends, one who is also my boyfriend. Nicole I have known since I was 2 and Katie I have known since I was 3, without them I would never have made it to college. I met both of them at Breezy Point Surf Club (BPSC). BPSC is a private summer membership club that I am a part of. Hanging out with my friends is my FAVORITE thing to do. We usually play guitar hero or rock band. If we arenít doing that we are watching movies. My family is also a very important aspect in my life. I am the oldest of three; I have a 16 year old sister, Jacqueline, and a 13 year old brother, Gerard.My sisterís best friend is Nicole, my best friendís sister, Kristina. I consider Kristina a second sister. The sisters live in New Jersey about an hour from my house and when they come in for the weekend they stay at our house. My mom and their mom are good friends and have been since they were teenagers , too. We are a long line and long line to come of good friends. But even without those girls I come from a big family with plenty of cousins to go around. All of my family both maternal and fraternal are practicing Roman Catholics, hence the reason I have attended catholic school from pre-kindergarten up to and including 12th grade. I attended Saint Agnes Seminary for elementary school and Dominican Academy for high school. I am completely addicted to Google, I use it for everything. I also like to visit another website I am on constantly is meebo. Meebo is an instant messaging website, since I am against downloading AOL instant messager (AIM).†† You can contact me at


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Kristina, Nicole, Katie, Me, and Jacqueline