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Star Trek

Ok, I said that I would explain the PBEm.  It’s An E-Mail Role playing game in which I play four main characters. Two of the main characters are LeRoy “Ox” Roberts, a First Lieutenant Starfleet Marine Corp., and Walter KoM’hal Sergi, A Master Chief Warrant Officer.

Click here for the Bio of Roberts:

Click here for the Bio of Sergi: 

Click here for the USS Savant Home:

Click here for the USS Wind Home:

Click here to go to the fleet home page.

"The pips graphics on this page where  created by Steven Marriott, for the Tango Fleet PBE-RPG. Please do not copy  these images. If you wish to obtain a copy simply go to the Tango Fleet  Website, and the Ranks Page. Here you will find info regarding the Pips.  Steven will happily pass along the files free of charge to anyone who takes the  time to ask him for there use."