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Sigma Nu




Like I said Iím a brother of the Mu Iota Chapter  of Sigma Nu fraternity Iíve held two offices on the E-Board with in the chapter, one is the recorder, and the other is the sentinel.  The recorder is what other fraternities call the  secretary, but I donít get the presidents coffee (little joke). Sigma Nu was  founded nationally in 1869 on the basis of non-hazing.  The MI chapter was  colonized in April of 1993, and chartered in April of 1994.  I was initiated in  April of 1997 (alot of Aprilís).  And yes my initiate number is 69, for those  that wanted to ask. If your interested in Sigma Nu click on this linkand youíll be taken to my chapters homepage.

My family tree from leftto left:

Jason Pomposelli MI #45(Big big)

Jon Fishman MI#8 (Big x5)

Dave Watson MI #36 (Big x3)

Me MI #69 (yes 69)