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Sergi Bio




Personnel File: Sergi, Walter; 2376

Full Name: Walter "KoM’hal" Sergi
Age: 48
Species: ¾ Human/ ¼ Klingon

Master Chief Warrant Officer
Current Assignment: USS Wind NCC- 907654
Position: Chief Warrant Officer of the Boat (USS Wind)
                Commanding Officer (USS Sleet)
String: Command

Place Of Birth: St. Petersburg, Russia, Earth
Date Of Birth: 2328
Place Of Education: Starfleet basic Training, Command School, Starfleet Tactical/Security School
Notes: Walter was offered a commission of Lieutenant after command school, but he turned it down

Marital Status: Married twice (Divorced once)
Significant Other: Kimberley McBought Sergi, 44, Bio-Medical Technology Consultant, currently on the USS Wind

Son: Corpral Gregory Sergi, 19, Marine Detachment USS Clinton

Daughter: Dr. Amanda Sergi Kasey, 26, ACMO Starfleet Medical facility, Bethesda Maryland


Father: General Peter "Mo’ah son of Vohhal" Sergi, Russian Defense Force (Ret.)

Mother: Grace Sergi, Chief Nurse Starfleet Medical, Moscow (Ret.)

Sister: Lt. Katerina "Daughter of Mo’ah" Sergi Lightfinger, 37, Field Medic 1st Squad Marine Detachment, USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 250lbs
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Brown
Special: Walter is ¾’s human but still has a slightly noticeable Klingon forehead, He also has Grizzly bear on his right upper arm.

Interests: Personal weapons of all kinds, most notably, 19th and 20th century hand guns and rifles, late 20th century automobiles (muscle cars and 4x4 pickup trucks), Wrestling, Cartoons)



Starship Security Protocols
Star base Security Protocols
Brig Lock down
Expert Marksmen type 3 phaser and variants
Expert Marksmen type 2 phaser and variants
Expert Marksmen Klingon disruptor
Expert Batlith
Expert Marksmen Pulse phaser rifle
Expert Marksmen Glock 9mm semi automatic pistol
Expert Marksmen AR-15, and M-16 Rifles, semi, and full automatic
Language: Klingon (spoken and written)
Language: Russian (spoken, written, historical)
Language: German (spoken, and written)

Career Summary [Starfleet]:
2346: Marine Basic Training
2346 - 2347: USS Cup; Trooper (Private)
2347 - 2348: Star base 58; Weapons Training (Corporal)
2348 - 2349: USS Magnas; Assistant Squad Leader, Assault Unit (Sergeant)
2350: USS Magnas; Squad Leader, Assault Unit (Staff Sergeant)
2350 - 2351: USS T-Rex; Squad Leader/ Heavy Weapons training (Staff Sergeant)
2352: USS T-Rex; Squad Leader (Master Sergeant)
2352 - 2355: Star base 150; Weapons safety officer (Sergeant Major)
2355 - 2358: SFMC Recruit Depot, Drill Sergeant (Staff Sergeant Major aka. Sergeant Maj. of a fleet)
2358 - 2361: SFMC Recruit Depot, Senior Drill Sergeant (Command Sergeant Major aka. Sergeant Major of Starfleet)
2361 - 2363: Starfleet academy, Tactical/Security School (Warrant Officer Cadet)
2363 - 2365: USS Trinity; Tactical Officer (Warrant Officer)
2365 - 2369: Starfleet detention facility Mars; Chief Brig Officer (Chief Warrant Officer)
2369 - 2373: USS Erickson; Assistant Chief Tactical Officer (Chief Warrant Officer 2)
2373- 2375: Starfleet Command School; Earth (Chief Warrant Officer 2)
2375: Offered Commission as a full lieutenant in Starfleet but turned it down. Permoted to Chief Warrant Officer 3
2375 - 2376: Deep Space 13; Security/Tactical Chief (Chief Warrant Officer 3)
2376- Present: USS Wind; Chief Warrant Officer of the Boat (Chief Warrant Officer 3)


Previous Assignments and Positions:
Trooper, USS Cup
Assistant Squad Leader; Squad Leader, USS Magnas
Squad Leader, USS T-Rex
WSO, Star base 150
Drill/Senior Drill Sergeant, Marine Recruit Depot
Tactical Officer, USS Trinity
Chief Brig Officer, Mars Detention center
ACTO, USS Erickson
CS/T, DS 13

Marine Cross for Bravery (Cardassion War)
Starfleet Medal for Valor
Unit Leader Citation Medal (Two Awards)
Starfleet Marine Purple Heart
Drill Sergeants Medal for Service
United Federation Of Planets Medal of Honor (for rescuing 50 people from Mars detention center Command bunker before it was destroyed)
Citation of Valor, Wolf 359
Act of Distinction
Act of Distinction
Citation of Valor, Setlik III
Captain's Star
Honor of Excellence
Honor of Excellence
Honor of Excellence

Colonel Karl A. Thomason
General Francis "Spec’s" Smith
Fleet Admiral Elwood Knapp
Commodore Spencer Knut
Command Sergeant Major of Starfleet Marines Daholth son of Kahlen
Commander Morphius


Ever since Walter was 8 years old, he wanted to be a marine. Part of it was his Klingon Heritage of warriors, but most of it was seeing his father in the Russian Defense Force on Earth.

Growing up in St Petersburg, Walter actually spent most of his time in and near Moscow. This was because his father and his mother were stationed in Moscow. While in Moscow he attended both grammar and High school. During his time in high school, his classmates taunted him do to his Klingon heritage. This made him tough in a way and readied him for his enlistment to the Starfleet Marines.

Walter went through Boot Camp with ease he was chosen to be squad leader for his training platoon. After Boot Camp he was placed immediately in a unit on the USS Cup. After serving a year on the Cup he was selected to the Starfleet Weapons Training unit on Starbase 58. There he was given a promotion to corporal.

After the extensive weapons training Sergi was assigned to the USS Magnas as the assistant squad leader for the second squad. During his time on the Magnas he was promoted to sergeant and fell in love with an Engineers Mate. Walter Sergi and Tiffany Remet Were married after 6 months of dating. After his marrage he was promoted again to Staff Sergeant and given the command of the second squad.

When Walter was transferred to the T-Rex, tiffany stayed on the Magnas. During his time on the T-Rex he went through Starfleet Heavy Weapons training, as well as being the squad leader of its third squad. Just after his promotion to Master Sergeant he learned that his wife had an affair and he filed for divorce.

After a three-year tour at Starbase 150 and another promotion to Sergeant Major, Walter was asked to become a Drill Sergeant at the Recruit Depot, on Paris Island, Earth. With that move he was given the rank of Staff Sergeant Major. This rank was comparable to a Sergeant Major of a fleet, but since he was on earth the rank was renamed. While he was on earth, he fell in love with a twenty year old Bio-Medical Student at the University if North Carolina. After a year of courting and dating her, Walter Sergi Married Kimberley McBrought at the Chapel on Paris Island. Nine months after they wed, his first son was born. A year after his marriage he was promoted to the Head Drill Sergeant of the Entire Depot, and given the rank of Command Sergeant Major, equivalent to Sergeant Major of Starfleet.

After three years of being the head Drill Sergeant at Paris Island, Walter was selected to attend Starfleet Tactical/Security School. While there he was accepted as a Warrant Office Cadet. Once he completed Tactical School he was given a Warrant commission as a Warrant Officer. Around this time he learned that his first wife had a child that was his daughter. His first wife couldn’t support her any more and sent her to live with Walter.

His first assignment as a Warrant Officer was on the USS Trinity. His wife was also assigned to the Trinity as a medical consultant. After the Trinity he was transferred to Mars and the Starfleet detention Center on the planet. Do to the nature of mars and the type of work he would be doing, he didn’t bring his family with him, instead Kim and his children went back to Earth.

When he received a transfer to the Erickson he and his family went aboard ship. His daughter stayed on Earth and was accepted to Starfleet Medical. Kim was assigned to consult the Bio-Medical department on the Erickson. After his tour on the Erickson and a Promotion the Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class, Walter was again selected to attend Starfleet Academy, for Command school this time. While there his son enlisted in to the marines.

Once Command School was completed Walter was offered a regular commission in Starfleet as a Lieutenant. He declined the offer sighting the reason that he was marine at heart and he wouldn’t know how to act like a "Fleeter". Instead he was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Class.

After a year tour on Deep Space 13 as the Security/Tactical Chief, Walter was Assigned to the USS Wind as the Chief Warrant Officer of the Boat. Kim also was assigned a consulting job on the Wind with the Bio-Medical Department.

Personality Profile:

Walter is you typical Russian, a Heavy drinker, but you wouldn’t know it. He has a medium temper but becomes very short when his Klingon side shows. Ever since basic weapons’ training Walter has been fascinated with personal weapons of all kinds, his favorite is the Glock 9mm, semi-automatic hand pistol of the late 20th centery. Whenever on duty he would have one on him holstered in a hip holster, in the fasion of a 19th century American west gunslinger.

Walter has a collection of weapons from all over the galaxy, but unlike other collectors, all of his weapons work and he often uses them in re-qualification.

Education Summary:

Most of his post high school education has been in the school of life. With the weapons training and the schools at the academy Walter has earned a Bacholords Degree in the Tactical Sciences.

Notable Achievements and Qualities:

Knows most of the marine commanders ion the quarant (He was there Drill Sergeant). He has connections all over the fleet. If there is something that needs to be done he’s the man to see. The ultimate family man, even before he had children, he teated his squads like his children, same with any person under his command.

Commando skills:
See Qualifications