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Roberts Bio

Personnel File: Roberts, LeRoy; 2376

Full Name:
LeRoy "Ox" Roberts
Age: 26
Species: Human
Notes: Since basic training he has been call Ox, by every body, CO's ET   |            all

Rank: First Lieutenant
Current Assignment: USS Excalibur NX-58386
Position: 2nd Platoon Leader/ Combat Engineer/ Marine 3rd Officer
String: Marines

Place Of Birth: Kansas City, Missouri, North America, Earth
Date Of Birth: 2350
Place Of Education: Starfleet Marines Basic Training, One year of Starfleet
                                  Academy, Continuing Education Engineering, started on the         |                                 USS Excalibur, and USS Savant

Marital Status:
Unofficially Engaged to Sergeant Major Nikki Desent
Significant Other: Sergeant Major Nikki Desent, USS Savant, 1st Medic Unit CO
Children: None
Family: Father: Russell Roberts, II P.E. (Owner Back to Basic Home Construction)
             Mother: Lynn Roberts, Ph D (Superintendent Education Department, Kansas    |                                                          City)
             Sister: Allison Roberts, 17 (sophomore, Moscow Academy for Fine Arts         |                                                      Double Major in Painting and Brass Performance.  |                                                      Only Student to sit First Chair as Baritone               |                                                      Player. Youngest Freshmen in 100 years)

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 275lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Special: Roberts has a bull head tattoo with crossed broad swords in back on his upper left arm and an eagle with a serpent on his right shoulder

Interests: American Football, 20th - 21st century College Social Groups (Fraternities), Holo Role Playing, World Scout Alliance (Assistant Leader for Kansas City Council), Billiards (8 Ball and 9 Ball Versions)


Expert Rifle/ Phasermen (Marine Basic Training Requirement)
Basic Demolitions (Marine Basic Training Requirement)
Advanced Demolitions
Basic Tracking
Qualified Field Medic
Language: Klingon (Basic spoken and written) (One Semester Starfleet
Language: Cardasion (Basic spoken and written) (One Semester Starfleet
Language: Russian (spoken)
Language: German (spoken)
Language: Native American, Navaho, Cherokee (spoken)


Career Summary [Starfleet]:

2367 - 2368: Starfleet Academy
2369: Left Starfleet Academy, Entered Marine Basic Training
2369 - 2370: USS Arizona; Assistant Squad Commander (Sergeant)
2370 - 2371: USS Goliath; Medic Trainee (Staff Sergeant)
2371 - 2373: USS Knight; Squad Commander 1st Tracking Platoon (Gunnery               |                                                                                                         Sergeant)
2373 - 2374: Starbase 409; Advanced Demolitions Training (Master Sergeant)
2374: USS Diamond; Commanding Officers Assistant (Master Sergeant)
2374 - 2375: USS Diamond; Field Medic 1st squad (Sergeant Major)
2375 - 2376: USS Excalibur; 1st Squad Commander (Sergeant Major)
2376: USS Savant; Field Mechanic CO (Sergeant Major of the 7th Fleet)
2376 - Present: USS Excalibur, 1st Platoon Leader/Combat Engineer (1st Lt.)


Previous Assignments and Positions:

Assistant Squad Commander, USS Arizona
Medic Trainee, USS Goliath
Squad Commander 1st Tracking Platoon, USS Knight
Advanced Demolitions Training, Starbase 409
Commanding Officers Assistant, USS Diamond
Field Medic 1st squad, USS Diamond
1st Squad Commander, USS Excalibur
Field Machnics CO, USS Savant



Marine Cross for Bravery by a Field Medic (two awards)
Deep Space Nine Liberation Award
Starfleet Marine Purple Heart
Starfleet Tracking Service Medal
Medal of Honor for your courage in the ground Battle of Anubis III


Lt. Colonel Dwain Alison
Major Noland Whiteny
Brig. General Jonathan Garfield
Marine Captain James Lee



Roberts first entered Starfleet Academy to study engineering with an emphasis on Shuttle and fighter systems. But seeing tensions with the Dominion and other races heighten during his first year at the Academy he decided that after that year he would leave and enter marine boot camp. Once through Basic Training the Training Commander learned of his one year in Starfleet, not wanting to set president Roberts was granted the rank of sergeant right out of Boot Camp.

On the USS Arizona, Roberts was given the responsibilities of Assistant Squad Leader. Here is where he as introduced to power of the medical field. He volunteered to assist the squad's field medic, and when the medic was injured he took over and realized that this was the most important duty in the squad.

After serving on the Arizona the formal innovation to train as a certified field medic arose, and Roberts took it. Training on the Goliath gave him the proper skills he needed as well as introducing him many different personalities. During this time Roberts was promoted to Staff Sergeant.

After the Training Cruise Roberts was promoted again to Gunnery Sergeant and assigned to a squad attached the USS Knight. Due to his leadership abilities noted in his record he was made the squad commander of the semi-elite Tracking Squad. This wasn't what Roberts wanted but he, like all Marines,
followed orders. After two tours on the Knight he was promoted to Master Sergeant and transferred to Starbase 409.

At the starbase he was placed it to the Advanced Demolitions Training unit. He had always thought of blowing stuff to be cool, but with the medic training he now saw the effect on life it had. He went through with the full training program to better understand the nature of demolitions and to better-set demolitions so that the most harm would be to objects not to sentient life.

After the Demolitions Training, the commanding officer of the Diamond acquired Roberts record and had him transferred to the Diamond as his personal assistant. This was the worst assignment Roberts had, He wasn't in the unit he was desk bound. The CO thought all the experience Roberts had would be better used to further the CO's career not the unit's effectiveness. This was the first assignment in which the CO did not call Roberts by his nickname "Ox". All of Roberts other CO's called him Ox do to the fact that he was a big guy, and knew that they could trust him to do the job. To Roberts being called his nickname wasn't disrespect; it was a sign of trust and of friendship.

The first opportunity Roberts had he requested a transfer to one of the squads on the Knight. The CO granted the transfer only to get Roberts out of his office (it didn't work out the way the CO thought it would, using Roberts to further The CO's career). Once in a squad again Roberts was asked to lead it but he preferred to be the medic instead. Seeing this disregard for Roberts own career to let some one else lead the Squad, the Platoon Leader requested a promotion for Roberts. Now a Sergeant Major Roberts used his training as a medic and in demolitions to teach the rest of the squad what he had learned about the value of life and the proper way to blow something up without killing any body.

When the tour on the Knight was up Roberts wanted to command a squad again, and as one of the youngest Sergeant Majors to be in the marines he had his pick of assignments. He heard of the Excalibur and the fact that many of the troopers on it were trainees, and thought that that would be the perfect opportunity to be in the thick of it and train new marines.


Personality Profile:

Roberts initially comes of as a constant angry person, a very intimidating.  To any body that does not know Roberts, it looks as if he is very moody and abrasive. But to Roberts's friends and family he is fun loving carefree when the situation warrants and concerned when business has to be done.

This could be attributed to Roberts's upbringing in Kansas City. As a child and teenager Roberts was  heavily involved in Scouting and that took up most of his free time, and whatever time he had left he studied engineering books, both old and new. When studying a 20th century engineering book one
day he noticed that in the bibliography one of the authors had ancient Greek letters after his name. This started his fascination with college Greek fraternities. Through all this Roberts didn't socialize with other kids because of his interested and hobbies.


Education Summary:

One year of Starfleet Academy, Majoring in Engineering emphasizing in Shuttle and Fighter systems
Starfleet Marines Basic Training
Field Medic Qualification USS Goliath
Advanced Demolition Training, Starbase 409

Continuing Education Engineering, started on the USS Excalibur, USS Savant

Notable Achievements and Qualities:

Will differ leadership positions to younger NCOs in situations to help them learn leadership qualities and the consequences of any actions they may have made.

Excellent Common sense, if a course of action doesn't make sense, he will bend the rules enough to complete the task

As a teenager Roberts earned Scoutings highest award, the Eagle Scout Award (North America Version) in addition to of that he earned five palms in addition to that award.

He is a natural leader, but when asked upon, he will follow you in to the depth of hell and back, one of the most dependable people in the Marines.

Commando skills:

Roberts can set the demolitions to blow up an entire city block in a way sothat when blown nothing not rigged to detonate will be perfectly intact.