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The 411 on the Russ man

Well you asked for it, so you got it.  Info about me:


  • Iím22 year old college senoir (super senior actually)
  • Currently studying Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Hartford
  • Iím a borther of  the Mu Iota Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at UHa
  • Hobbies include:
    • Photography (Photogapher for the student news paper,  the Informer, and for the Year book)
    • Scouting (Eagle Scout and Assistant Scoutmaster Venture patrol Troop 409 Winsor, CT)
    • Computers
    • Drinking (a must while at school)
    • Star Trek PBEm (if you know what it is good for you, if you donít Iíll explain later)