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European Vacation

  In the Summer of 2008 I took a Mediterranean Cruise which left from Venice, Italy. Here are a few pictures at some of the stops we made. Other stops were made in Istanbul, Turkey and Dubrovnik, Croatia.




This is the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. It's breathe taking when you drive up to it from one of the many directly approaching roads, making the building a center point for the massive rotary that encompasses it.







One of the many canals that make up Venice itself. This picture is taken off the cruise ship we were on as it passed down the main river that is used for large ships. The scenery was awesome and offered tons of photo ops.







This picture was taken from a hill that overlooked the track in Olympia, Greece. Yes... that's where the Olympics first took place. It's all ruins now, with literally no building still intact. The facility opted not to restore any of the ancient ruins to preserve it's meaning and authenticity.