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A short Biography about myself


Well, lets see where I can start...

I was born in New York, living there for 7 years before moving to Massachusetts. After 3 years of living in Holden, MA I moved to Charlotte, NC for 11 months. My dad was giving the opportunity to move back to Holden, MA, which was a huge relief because I'm not a huge fan of living in the south...

When I was 13, I had my Bar' Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and attend services on the high holidays. I like to play sports such as lacrosse, soccer, and maybe little racquet ball here and there.



This is a picture of the airplane that I took flying lessons in. I currently have 30 hours logged and plan on getting my pilots license within the near future (whenever I can find the money).

I was really interested in going to school to become a pilot or entering the Air Force. I guess it was one of those fantasies because I stopped flying after 2 years.

I'll tell you one thing, if you ever have a chance to take a flying lesson, I highly recommend it! It's a lot of fun and can really be a good hobby to take up.




I am currently a student at the University of Hartford in the Barney School of Business. I like it a lot here and don't have any plans on transferring to a different school. I'm majoring in Business Management, although that will most likely change within the next year.