Vocabulary Quiz

1) Define the following. 2) Pick any two and write a paragraph or two telling of the importance.

  1. ID

  2. ADDIE

  3. Needs analysis

  4. Task analysis

  5. User analysis

  6. Environmental analysis

  7. Long term memory

  8. Short term memory

  9. If the client does not specify the medium of teaching (for example, “you must develop a web-based training”), at what point in the process do you make this decision?

  10. Name 3 tools/methods for user analysis

  11. HPT

  12. What’s the difference between training and performance as an intervention?

  13. SME

  14. Summative evaluation

  15. What are the 4 levels of evaluation?

  16. What level is usually done?

  17. What level gives the best indication of training efficacy?

  18. ISPI

  19. ASTD

  20. performance gap

  21. happy place

  22. front end analysis (name some of the parts)

  23. performance or instructional goals

  24. name the 4 kinds of knowledge in both Nonaka and Cook &Brown model

  25. What’s the importance of Practice in the world of Cook and Brown?

  26. Near transfer
  27. Far transfer
  28. What’s the significance of the following dichotomies in your design?
    1. Individual vs. group
    2. Motivated vs not motivated
    3. Situated vs. Not
    4. Introductory vs. advanced