Project Three – Analysis


In the world, you often do not know if the way to the happy place is training or performance or a combination of both. The way you find that out is by gathering information and thinking about it.

In this project, you will consider, and try your hand at, developing a plan and some tools for gathering necessary information - to answer the questions you want to ask and gather the information you want before you decide.

Remember that asking is good, but the respondent may not always know the answer. They may not want to answer. They may skew their answer to what they think you want to hear.



Plan for analysis. Defined population and need. 15 points  Due in class 4/2


  1. Turn in:
    1. Statement of the population and the need (either provided or approved by instructor).
    2. What questions and tools you would use to ascertain user analysis. (specific.. what would your data collection sheets look like?)
    3. What questions and tools you would use to ascertain needs analysis.
    4. What questions and tools you would use to ascertain environmental analysis.
    5. What kinds of evaluations you would use at what times to evaluate both your intervention and your population.
    6. Initial thoughts about the intervention.
    7. Reflection on the process

The population is undergraduate pre-service teachers (sophomores and juniors) who have an assignment to build a 3 page web site. They have computer skills, but no understanding of what the web is.
They tend to like step by step instructions. They tend to click first and ask later.
They tend to have very short attention spans.
They tend to do only what is required of them. They do excellent work up to that point – then stop.


They need to understand the idea of pages on another server and basic authoring so that they can:
Put up their own pages on different systems
Troubleshoot pages when NVU or other editors don’t work