Analysis or Process Task

Purpose: Think about how you would evalute the needs of the population for a training you develop. It is a good idea to use a population you don't know, so you cannot make assumptions. Who would you talk to? What would you ask? What would you look at? What do you need to know about your population to design a training (or to find out that a training is not the solution.. that instead a performance support is required).

1. Pick a task

Make a newsletter
Make an online portfolio
Make a web site


2. Pick a population 

Freshmen in ed at UH
4th grade students in Hartford
Adult population – you define


Define your population

1)      How do you define?

a.       What question?

b.      What tasks?

c.       What observations?

d.      What information

2)      How do you tell it’s working – what needs to be improved?

3)      How do you evaluate at the end?