Print Project

Designing a print-based performance support



As a team, develop a performance support/instructional material to teach a population how to use a scanner. You will need to teach 2 functions – scanning a single sheet picture and scanning a several page print document.



Do a task analysis.

Consider which parts you need to teach given a population of college freshmen.

Consider which parts you need to teach given a population of 6th graders.

Make an instructional decision about pictures or not.

Make a storyboard breaking down the tasks/steps taught.

Switch with the other group to get feedback from your storyboard

Build your tool.


Reasons for the assignment:

  1. Work with the design decisions of what to take out and what to leave
  2. Note the difference in those decisions based on the population (user is important!)
  3. Work with storyboarding – seeing that rough is fine
  4. Getting feedback to get used to an iterative process
  5. Work with Williams’ design ideas
  6. Work with Corel
  7. Perhaps work with drawings, pictures, or other graphic elements
Turn in:
Your final print piece
A personal final reflection on the process. What have you learned about learning, design, the user, you as learner?