Final Project - Intervention

  1. Big Professional Development          25 points Due last day of class
    Take what you have learned and build a learning intervention (either training or performance support). Go through the process of analyzing the target population, the happy place, the gap, the environment. Do this formally, in writing. Then design an intervention, deliver it, evaluate the effectiveness. Write a report that explains what you did, why you did it, how it worked, what you would change. Also develop a short presentation for the class.



Approach something you are already doing (or a project we agree on together) in a different way.

Formally analyze the users, the needs (based on the goal), the underlying goals, the environment.

See if there is a new take on the end result that you might try.

Try it.

Reflect and see how this new way was better or worse, what you would do differently, what you learned.


  1. Turn in:
    1. Statement of the population.
    2. Needs analysis - both explicit and underlying
    3. Environmental analysis
    4. Intervention
    5. Report on how you applied your intervention and what happened
    6. Suggestions on changes you would do
    7. Be prepared to make a short presentation on what you did and how it worked and what you learned