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I teach educational technology courses. My usual graduate courses are EDT 666 (no, not the devil in the machine) Instructional Design; EDT 670 Educational Reform and Technology; EDT 618 Everything an Educational Technology Coordinator Ever Wanted to Know. I have also taught EDT 650 World Wide Web Across the Curriculum and EDT 610 - Introduction to Educational Technology. I also teach the undergraduate CT 243 Introduction to Educational Technology for pre-service teachers. If you are interested in those courses, check out the links to the right. My approach to teaching is to set up interesting settings for the students to explore within. As we use technoology to dig through various problems, we talk about what we are doing and what we are learning along the way.


My research has focused in three rather broad areas. The first is online performance support tools for both education and industry. I think we learn best at the exact point of need. So, the best time to try to teach is when someone needs some information. I build systems that allow users to add information, tag it in a way that they and others can find it when they are trying to solve a problem, and contains communications tools so users can ask and answer questions. I call these systems Dynamic Online Performance Support Systems or DOPSS. There are articles about them in my articles section.

My second area, related to the first is the evaluation of search/retrieval systems. You can read about it in one of the articles and my dissertation.

My third area of interest is how people learn and how they change their Practice (al la Cook and Brown). I am currently studying how the education department is learning to use data driven decision making and Live Text.

Live Text

I have spent a lot of time over the past year learning to use Live Text, a tool for gathering assessment data. Along with this, I have been learning about data driven decision making, actor network theory, and activity theory.

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