Welcome to Italy
Where you eat all the pasta you can handle
Or we give you the boot.......

This summer was an unbeatable time with my best friend.  Okay, so she may as well be my sister. It isn't like she has a room in my house....
or a key to the door......

Anyway, that's COMPLETELY off topic.
So. This website will be sort of like a story of our summer.
Fasten your seat belt kids....
Here we go!

     Tom Cruise!

The next part of the summer wasn't so much fun.  We spent a lot of time working and taking classes to get ahead...
in the meantime,
of course we found some fun.

Niagara falls was a hot spot for us girls.  The club scene was a constant and the baseball players and rockstars numerous.  We hit concerts, we hit on men, we got hit on. What more could we have asked for?


Unfortunately, Florida had to end. Darcy flew home, and I flew to Virginia.
Florida was over, but my trip was not.

My brother I and drove up to Long Island from Virginia.  We proceeded to take his new truck off roading on the beach terrain.  There we spent the day in the sun.  Siblings on the beach is a classic.

Essentially, this was the end of the summer.
Darcy and I went off to school after one more night of dancing in the city.

We are already planning for spring break and this upcoming summer....

Throughout August, Italy was threatened by the Isle of Cuba.  Ambassador Abreu has sent troops into the boot with an attempt to conquer.
 The War Is On