Here are a bunch of links for organizations that I am a part of this upcoming year.  Check
them out.

 MEISA   - Learn about the Musicand Entertainment Industry Student Association

 The Hawk's Nest   - Learn about the venue called the Hawk's Nest.  I am the General Manager for this venue this year and if you are an artist looking to perform in this setting, contact me and I'll pass you on to our talent buyers.  If you are an artist looking to perform in a coffee shop setting, contact me as well.

 Program Council - This is the organization that does the programming for the university.  We do major events, concerts and spring fling.  I book at a venue through this organization and my girl,Anais is the Generalmanager cause she rocks.

Rokitpromo - Rokitpromo can help you with all your printing needs. They carry all products such as pens, t-shirts, mugs, anything you can imagine that you would want to put your logo on.