Jurassic 5

    Jurassic 5 was our spring concert artists.  I had the opportunity to be the assistant to the tour manager for the day.  I had a great time and learnt a lot.  The tour manager asked me to stay in touch and gave me his number on the back of this pass.

  I got to eat dinner with the group and hang out all night with them and the tour manager.

I contacted him a few weeks later and got VIP backstage passes for me and my girl Anais.  We headed off to New Haven to Toad's Place for the show.  When we got there we ran into their promotions guy.  Then I talked to the manager and we got our passes and went in for the show.  After the show we went down into the dressing room and had some after show food with them.  Anais and I had our passes signed by all of the members.
                                  My foot signed by Akil 

We then moved the party onto the tour bus where it was just the band, Anais, me and two other random people.  We were there with them until about 4 am.  We got Toad's Place shirts and had them all sign them.  On top of that, one of the guys signed my foot.