This was the roommates for this years halloween.
Amelia Dressed and the rest of us just had a good time.
Dinner at Dezron's with the guys and then off to see the Texas Chainsaw Masacre...yeh, we didn't get scared at all...

The village roommates: me, amelia, brandee, stacy (left to right)
Amelia and I - Halloween
Dinner at Dezrons on Halloween: me, dezron, stacy, terrence, lummie, brandee (left to right).

During Spring Break, instead of going South like normal college students do, I went North.
Yes, I Rachel went NORTH in the winter. Shocking isn't it?
Terrence's and my first night there we went out and hit the town!
This picture was taken in one of the bars.  We had a great time.
This is just one of our many great trips.