Asha’s Story



It's sad but true: here in this country, people are being bought, sold, and smuggled like modern-day slaves.

            Human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue around the world. The consequences are becoming more serious and further-reaching and it is imperative for governments around the world to provide a united front in dealing with this problem. No nation is immune from the curse of human trafficking. The most powerful nation to the simplest of nations is not immune from modern day slavery. Some nations do not even know the true definition of what human trafficking is. The main contributors to human trafficking are governmental corruption, economic and social crisis within each nation's borders. Now most nations are coming together to learn more about the slavery and how to battle it internally and abroad.

Half a century has gone by only to find all nations are still trying to understand what human trafficking is. Humanity has evolved enormous strides only to still practice some of the earliest crimes known to man. There is no excuse for this to be even happening in this day and age. There are still scores of issues with human trafficking that violate the very articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Starving, cold, exhausted, after twenty straight hours of “work”. Man after man, coming in, coercing you to have sex with him. This is the life of a victim of human trafficking. Human trafficking is an epidemic growing at an unthinkable rate across the world. It is the kidnapping and selling of human beings as sex slaves. It is our duty as Americans to work at putting an end to this source of evil. There are twenty-seven million people in modern day slavery across the world. Imagine if it was your own child that was kidnapped and forced to engage in sexual activities with grown men. For that very reason, it is time for us as Americans to stand up and make a change. Every human being is born with the rights. The rights to their own life, freedom, and altogether the pursuit of happiness. Through this inhumane, savage practice, these people are deprived of these rights. They’re no longer able to exercise what is granted to them as human beings. We, Americans, are obligated to put forth an effort to change this. We must change this simply because we have all the resources and the ability to do it, and since we see other human beings being objectified and harmed in this way, it ought to just tug on our hearts to provide aid where it is needed. I know some may say, it’s their problem, not ours, but this selfish attitude gets us nowhere in life. It’s time to take action.

        The U.S. Department of State, Trafficking in Persons Report, tells us that eight-hundred-thousand people are trafficked across international borders every year. The rate of human trafficking world-wide is beyond our understanding. One million children are exploited by the global commercial sex trade yearly. In view of these statistics, we ought to be compelled to give of ourselves! As I conclude we understand that slavery is wrong and Americans need to work more at abolishing it. We see the statistics of people trafficked every year, we also see the harmful effects it has on people and so we must understand the call to action that it necessary.

        Young boys and girls in every city on the globe today are forced to serve as sex slaves. Sex traffickers target twelve- to seventeen-year-old children as their choice

candidates. The johns who pay regular visits to brothels prefer adolescents above any other age group. Looked at from the cold perspective of a slaveholder, adolescents also

have a longer shelf life. Any older and they start to lose their youthful appeal. Any younger and they may draw the attention of law enforcement authorities.

Because sex trafficking masks itself as prostitution, the general public does not feel outraged that the children are perceived to be criminals or sexual deviants or at best victims of their environment: desperate for survival, the kids “choose” to sell their bodies for profit.

The real criminals hide in the shadows. An illicit network of traffickers, pimps, recruiters, brothel owners, and johns preys on vulnerable kids and forces them into a life of sexual commerce. Once the inner workings of that criminal network are exposed, common sense prevails. Of course a child would not volunteer for the repeated trauma of ten (or more) grown men penetrating their bodies every evening. We have a word for exploiting minors that way: rape.

        It should be noted that the same mechanisms of financial bondage and violent intimidation that enslave children are practiced on females of all ages. Adult “prostitutes” too can recount shocking testimonies of pimps locking them in closets, flogging them with coat hangers, and forcing them to service a staggering number of clients. The pimps quite explicitly refer to these women as “my property” and will attack anyone who acts to compromise their control.