PROFILE - Service

University Service, Saint Peter's College
Curriculum Committee
Facilities and Library Committee
Service Course Committee
Fraternity Mentor, Alpha Phi Delta
Faculty Moderator, Men's Swimming Team
Presenter, Workshop on "Choosing a Major"

University Service, University of Hartford
Created the first and only MIS Association with an unprecedented initial turnout of over 60 students. Giving them a platform to share and exchange of ideas in this Ever changing discipline. Also to allow for speakers within the field to talk about the opportunities, salaries, and ever changing job criteria.

Chair of Barney School of Business Information Technology Committee
Served on the Public Relations Committee

Faculty in residence a position which allowed me to live on campus with the students, as an adult presence, plus guidance and advisory position

Community Service, St. Peter's College
Self-Defense Courses for Women
Karate Instruction for Students


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