PROFILE - Professional Experience


Present - Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems.
University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Teaching responsibilities include all levels of undergraduate and selected graduate MBA courses in information systems management.

  • Major courses taught included Systems Analysis and Design and introductory courses dealing with technology trends and issues from an information systems historical perspective.

  • Research includes the redesign of existing experiments from my doctoral studies to provide more in-depth analysis to the field of Human Factors in Information Systems Management.

1998 Visiting Professor of Computer Information Systems.
Coastal Carolina University, Conway, South Carolina.

  • Teaching responsibilities include all levels of undergraduate courses in computer science.

  • Major courses taught include computer hardware and computer fundamentals.

1991-1995 Assistant Professor of Computer Science.
Saint Peter's College, Jersey City, New Jersey.

  • Computer science instruction at various academic levels.

  • Entry-level courses included the demonstration of a structured programming technique through the use of COBOL language, utilizing the DEC/VAX computer operating system.

  • Introductory courses utilized software packages, including WordPerfect, Lotus, and DBase, with additional focus on the DOS operating system and Windows.
  • Awarded a Doctoral Fellowship, earning a promotion from Instructor to Assistant Professor.
1990-1991 Computer Science Instructor.
Union County College, Cranford, New Jersey.
  • Computer science instruction within a business curriculum.

  • Primary courses included an introduction to computers utilizing a wide range of software packages, including spreadsheet, word-processing, and database, as well as COBOL I & COBOL II taught exclusively on a mainframe.

1986-1987 Instructor.
National School of Technology, Miami, Florida.

  • Responsibility for maintaining technical lab supporting 100 users.

  • Computer instruction in a variety of operating systems.

  • Maintenance of technology equipment for fine arts classes.


1996-1998 Development Advisor and Release Support.
Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, New Jersey.

  • System analyst responsible for staffing and training on Inferno/Limbo project.

  • Development of Internet Client/Server operating system, Inferno with Styx protocol, DIS virtual machine and Limbo programming.

  • Installation, integration, platform networking, server/client administration and OS development, as well as integration on Windows 95/NT, UNIX, Sun/Solaris, Irix/mps, HP/UX, Sun/OS systems.

1995-1996 Software Quality Analyst and System Tester.
AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, New Jersey.

  • System tester for the Emerging Services Support Platform, including problem solving and testing of the UNIX/C/C++ Customer Care and telephony subsystems of the platform.

  • Test planning, scripting, architecture, as well as user documentation review and support.

  • On-site instruction of end-user classes for Customer Care agents.

1989-1990 Owner, Aida Systems, Inc.
Parlin, New Jersey (Aida Systems, Inc. was a small computer consulting company serving two large clients.)

  • The United Way of Central New Jersey - training of personnel on-site; maintenance of existing computer system; systems analysis for future needs including the implementation of a LAN using StarLAN software.

  • General Motors Insurance Corporation - field support for a stand-alone PC database software program the company previously had developed for the client.

1987-1989 Systems Engineer.
Electronic Data Systems, Plano, Texas.

  • Technical liaison for General Motors Insurance Corporation.
    Design of the sole standalone personal computer application dealing with third party insurance claims.

  • Training of employees on system I developed specifically for General Motors.

1984-1986 Programmer Analyst.
CG Data Corporation, Miami, Florida.

  • Development of Worker's Compensation program.

  • Responsibility for coding and technical support functions, including system administration.


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