Fall 2003



OFFICE:   H137G                                       PHONE: 768-4925                          E-mail:

HOURS:  M, W: 1: 30-3:45, F 9:30-11:30, T, R: 11:30-12:30, 1:30-3:30 and by appt.

                Special Note:  I am in the Academic Strategies Center (H140) M 2:30-4:30.




             Reading and Academic Development (RDB 110) will provide you, the student, with basic skills applicable to all courses at the college level. You will learn to (1) develop effective study strategies, (2) develop a realistic and positive attitude towards studying, (3) improve specific skills needed to insure success in your college courses.


Course Accommodations: If there is any student in class who has special needs because of learning disabilities or other kinds of disabilities, please feel free to come and discuss this with me.



1.       Academic Strategies edited by Louise C. Rosenberg

2.       Class notebook, appointment calendar, and pocket folder

3.       University Computer Services Account



                   Students are permitted a maximum of 3 absences, 3 Lates =1 cut.

                   Absences exceeding allotted number of cuts will result in your being withdrawn from the course.

            GRADES: Grades will be determined on the following factors:

                       100 points = Quests, Assignments, attendance, participation, lab work etc.

                       100 points = Midterm Exam

                        50 points = Blackboard project

                        65 points = Library project

                        50 points = Technology Project

                        45 points = Reading project (Individualized reading)

                        90 points = Final Exam

                      500 points  = Total


                 Assignments and written work must be (1) on time, (2) legible, and (3) completed according to directions or the assignment will receive an F. No late assignments will be accepted and will receive a zero (0).  A student will fail the course automatically if assignments are not submitted. Earlier submitted assignments will receive extra credit.                  Unannounced quests (quizzes) cannot be made up. Announced quizzes may be made up within three days. The University requires a $30.00 fee be charged for make-up exams.


INDIVIDUALIZED READING: Each student is required to complete one (1) outside reading from list provided or another book with instructor’s approval and will submit 3 response journals and 1 review during the semester.


PLAGIARISM:   Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty. Please consult your student handbook, The Source for specifics as regards to rights and responsibilities.


 CIVILITY:         Robert S. Feldman (2002) in P.O.W.E.R (ASB 110 text) states, “Civility is respectful, courteous behavior.”  Students in ASB 111 are expected to maintain an environment in the classroom that is favorable for learning. In order to maintain that students gain from their time spent in class, students are prohibited from demonstrating behavior that is distracting from learning. Inappropriate behavior, such as arriving late to class, talking out of turn, or challenges to authority shall result in a request to leave the class.  The student should be open to new and challenging ideas as means of becoming an educated person.






Fall 2003



Week 1                 Sept. 3

            Orientation to College, University Resources

            Assign:      Chapter 1, 3 (pp. 67-79)


Weeks 2-5            Sept. 8-29

            Notetaking Strategies (Lecture and Textbook)  

            Listening and Reading Strategies, Plagiarism

            Assign:      Chapters 4, 6 

            QUEST:     Sept. 17, and 29

**Class Cancelled: Oct. 1


Weeks 6-7             Oct. 8-15

         Exam Preparation Overview

            Assign:      Chapter 5

                             Reading Journal 1 due Oct. 8

            QUEST:     Oct. 10

**Class Cancelled: Oct. 6

**Special Class Meeting: Oct. 10


***MIDTERM EXAM: October 15


Weeks 8-9             Oct. 20-29

            Time Management

            Reality Check

            Assign:      Chapter 2

                              Reading Journal 2 due Oct. 29

                             Time Management Chart due Oct. 27

            QUEST:     Oct.29


Weeks 10-11         Nov. 3-12

            Technology and Information Gathering

            Library Tour Oct. 29, Nov. 3

            Assign:      Technology project due Nov. 12

                             Library Tutorial due Nov. 10


Week s 12-13               Nov. 17-24


            Learning Styles

            Assign:      Chapters 8, 3

                             Reading Journal 3 due Nov. 17

                             Reading Review due Nov. 24

            Quest:       Nov. 24


Weeks 14, 15        Dec. 1-8

            Exam Preparation Review

            Integrating Information

            Assign:      Chapter 6


IMPORTANT DATES:      Oct. 1, 6-Classes Cancelled

                                      Oct. 10-Special Class Meeting

                                      Oct. 15- MIDTERM EXAM

                                      Dec. 5- FINAL EXAM (4:00-6:00 p.m.)                                                           


N.B.: This syllabus may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. The dates are approximations. Other information, quests, and assignments may be included at the professor’s discretion during the semester.