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What is my Point? - Devising a Tentative Thesis

Some students think they have to wait until all their research is done to create a thesis. Others believe that they can't begin to write unless their thesis, or main idea, has been determined and fixed forever. Early in the writing process it is helpful to create a tentative thesis, but expect your thesis to change as you learn, think, and write more.

To create a tentative thesis, you have to assert an idea, an opinion about your topic. Try completing these two sentences:

  1. My topic is ____________________________________.
  2. Although others may not agree, I believe ______________________ about this topic.

In order for the second sentence to be a thesis, it must be debatable. Who would disagree with your perspective? Why? How would you respond to these other perspectives?

With these multiple perspectives in mind, restate your belief below:

  1. My thesis is ____________________________________.