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The Professor's Perspective

To understand the professor's perspective better consider the following factors:

  • reasons for a reading assignment
  • connections to recent material
  • expected student response
  • relationship to professor's position

Fastwrite or talk with a classmate about a current reading assignment:

  • Why do you think the professor assigned this reading? Is it to supplement a lecture? to introduce new info? to provide examples for analysis? to prepare for a test?
  • How does this reading connect to recent material? Does it provide further evidence? offer any alternative viewpoint? make a transition to new material?
  • Does the professor expect you to be familiar with the reading? to summarize main ideas? to analyze the argument made? to synthesize with previous learning?
  • How does this reading seem to relate to the professor's position on the course material? Does it reinforce recent lectures? Does it challenge the professor's interpretation?