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How Can I Make It Better? - Ways to Revise

Revision requires time. Think of the Beatles working in the studio day after day to add layers of sound to their classic songs. Starting sooner will give you the time to come back to a draft and work on it again using these strategies:

  • To create a fresh perspective on your draft, try outlining after you have completed a draft. Simply number each paragraph and create a list of the main ideas paragraph by paragraph on a separate piece of paper.
  • To develop a strong sense of what you want to say, double check your thesis: do still believe it or need revise it? Once you have determined a thesis, compare the outline created from your draft. Do you need to add, delete, or re-order any parts to support thesis?
  • To create the appropriate tone, consider the requirements of your assignment (summary, analysis, an argument, etc.) and the audience you want to reach (readers who share your expertise, know little about your topic, or disagree with your opinion, etc.)