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Instructor Profiles

Kerry Beckford (MA, University of Hartford) has been an RLC instructor since 1996. Her RLC 110-111 course topics are Conceptions of the American Family and the Constructions of Identity. She teaches the American Family in a FIPSE FIG (First-Year Interest Group) collaborative learning environment with two courses: Introduction to Sociology and Epidemics and AIDS. She co-authored the family chapter in Reading Our Histories, and is a freelance business writer.

Sharron Freeman (MS in Ed., University of Pennsylvania) has been an RLC instructor since 1999. Her RLC 110-111 course topics are Family Portraits, Changing Roles and Questioning U.S. High Schools. She teaches in the FIPSE FIG program, study skills courses (CRW 101, 102, 103, 104), and is also a Learning Specialist at Learning Plus, academic support services for students with learning disabilities and ADD.

John Goekler (MS, Southern Connecticut State University; PG work-UCONN, CCSU, Westfield State) has been an RLC instructor since the fall of 1998. His RLC 110-111 topics are the American Family and the American City. He is a freelance fiction writer.

David Holdt (CAS, Wesleyan) has been an RLC instructor since 1997, and previously taught AUC courses in Western Thought. His RLC 110-111 course topics include Family and The US Since WWII. A poet and essayist, he is Writer-in-Residence at Watkinson School.

Don Jones (Ph.D., University of New Hampshire) joined the RLC Dept. as an Assistant Professor in 1996. His topics for RLC 110-111 are the American Family and U. S. High Schools, and he also teaches several upper-level RLC courses, such as Critical Literacy and Collaborative Writing in the Workplace. He has co-authored two chapters in Reading Our Histories and contributed scholarly articles to Composition Studies and The Journal of Advanced Composition.

Leta Marks (Ph.D., UCONN) has been an RLC instructor since 1989. Her course topics are Beauty and the Beast and Technology and the Environment. She is the author of the Beauty and the Beast chapter in Reading our Histories and the author of a book, Times Tapestry: Four Generations of a New Orleans Family. She has also taught English 140, Writing for Publication, and English 102 at Hartford College for Women.

Kevin T. McEneaney (M.Phil., Columbia University) has been an instructor since 1997. His RLC 110-111 course topics are Fashion and Fairy Tales. As a poet, his principal collections remain The Enclosed Garden and Longing (also available in Japanese).

Kathleen McGrory (Ph.D., Columbia) has been an RLC instructor since 1999. Her RLC 110-111 course topics are Fashion as Cultural Change Indicator, Beauty and the Beast/Myth, and Personal Responsibility vs. Social and Civic Duty. She is an educational consultant and is completing a book on the Holy Grail.

Wendy Millstein (MS, Hofstra University) first taught freshman writing at the University of Hartford in the early 1980s. Since that time she has taught writing in corporate settings, as well as at Northwestern Community College and Hillyer College. Her work includes technical writing and college essay writing workshops.

Patricia Morelli (MA, Saint Joseph College) has been an RLC instructor since Fall 1997. Her RLC 110 topic, Moral Development, is FIG-linked to a Psychology 101 course. Her 111 topic is First Amendment freedom of expression versus censorship. She has tutored in the Center for Reading and Writing, and is currently serving as acting Director of the Center.

Richard N. Pierce (MA, The Hartford Seminary Foundation) has been an RLC instructor since 1994. An Educational Main Street participant since its inception in 1990, he has been editor of its annual literary magazine. He has taught bilingual RLC sections and recently instituted a FIG RLC 110 for Music Education majors.

Beth Richards (MA, Georgia State University) has been an RLC instructor since 1996. Her RLC 110-111 topics include immigration, gender, technology, and the search for the good life. She is a freelance technical writer.

Patricia C. Tempel (CAS, Wesleyan University) has been a member of the RLC staff since 1996. Her areas of concentration include technology and society, animal rights and social class in America. A professional communications consultant, she is also the author of Lemon Ice, a fictionalized memoir on the Italian immigration experience.