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"Now Do I Understand the Assignment?" - Talking to Classmates, Tutors, Your Instructor

Consider these questions:

  • Can I rephrase this assignment in my own words?
  • Can I imagine what the various parts/sections of the overall paper would consist of?
If you struggle to answer these questions, here are several ways to seek some help:

  • Discuss the assignment with a classmate. Gather a few students' e-mail addresses and telephone numbers early in the term, before you need them.
  • Contact your professor using his or her e-mail, voice mail, or office hours. Some of this information is available at the Faculty and Staff Directory.
  • Schedule help with a tutor by calling the Center for Reading and Writing at (860)768-4312 or using the drop-in tutoring available at Mortensen Library (call x4312 for details).
  • Ask the reference librarians for the help with research assignments; be as specific as possible so they can help you better.

Remember your classmates, your professors, and tutors have busy schedules, too, so make appointments as soon as possible.