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Using Conversation and Images

Although reading is primarily a literate activity, students who learn better through conversation and images can rely on these strengths.

  • In addition to annotating, "conversing" with a text by hearing your thoughts out loud or discussing them with classmates can aid your reading comprehension. Try answering questions like "What did you think was important and why?"
  • Drawing images and/or diagraming relationship also can improve your comprehension. Reducing a difficult text to a one-page diagram of each section's main ideas, for example, is good preparation for summarizing, arguing, or analyzing.
  • Explaining the significance of a chapter's illustrations combines both oral and visual learning so answer: "Why were these images chosen?" and "What do they show?"

Whether it is by writing, talking, or drawing, reflecting and responding once you have finished reading are essential if short-term awareness is to become part of your long-term memory.