UH Survey Results

April, 2000*

  • Most students (67%) drank 0 to 5 alcoholic drinks the last time they partied.
  • Most (75%) of UHA students are non-smokers (smoke less than 6-10 cigarettes a month).
  • Most (61%) used alcohol 0-5 days out of the month previous to the survey.
  • Almost half (49%) have never used marijuana.  69% had not used marijuana in the 30 days prior to the survey.
  • 90% never tried cocaine
  • 77% never used ecstasy or other club drugs
  • 75% reported they did not drink and drive during the previous 30 days
  • 79% never injured themselves due to alcohol
  • 92% never injured someone else due to alcohol
  • 88% have never been involved in a fight due to alcohol
  • 83% have never had unprotected sex while drinking

But respondents misperceptions about drinking and drug use by other students were HUGE! The same students surveyed believed that:
  • 77% of students smoke daily
  • 53% drink daily
  • 46% use marijuana daily
  • 50% used cocaine at least once in the 30 days prior to the survey

The Connections Office and the Alcohol Task Force will be making an effort to get this data out to the University community in order to begin to inform students of the truth about our campus.

*Survey was anonymous and conducted randomly by mail, information tables with rewards, and in classrooms.  Sample size = 432 (about 10% of residential population). Specific groups were also asked to participate, such as Greek life students.

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