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EDG 210:  Peer Facilitation
3.0 Credits
Fall Semester

(Note: This course is listed in the course book as Wednesday, but is being held on Tuesday evenings from 5 to 8PM.)

The Peer Facilitation class, taught by Network Advisor Rosalyn Dischiavo, combines dynamic training techniques and social issues education to teach students how to train others and how to work in a team.  Enrollment in the class includes (and requires) involvement in the Network peer educator club.

Course Objectives:

Students will learn how to create a training program from needs assessment through evaluation. 

Students will become familiar with adventure learning, and will attend the Network's Camp Hazen YMCA retreat as part of the course.

Students will be trained in social issues education including alcohol and other drugs, eating disorders, personality types, communication, sexuality and relationships, AIDS and other STI's, depression and suicide, stress and time management, and more.

To register contact the registrar at 860-768-4592.

To view the course description in the University catalog, click here: EDG 210

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