Phantom of the Opera
Phantom of the Opera is a romantic story of a woman, Christine Daae, and her love for singing. The love she has for singing brings about the known Phantom of the Opera 'ghost.' Christine had first moved to the opera house with her father who was a violinist. When he passed away, she was taken care of Madame Giry, a dancer at the opera house. Christine grows up and hears voices talking to her but no person. Eventually those voices ask her to sing and it sings as well. It calls her Little Lotte and she calls the ghost the Angel of Music. Eventually, the lead opera singer quits the show after Christine sings for her once because the Phantom requests it. The Phantom grew up in a freak show as his face was deformed and was finally found and released by Madame Giry. All the Phantom had was a musical monkey box that he played all of the time. The Phantom and Christine become closer but after the show, Christine finds out that her friends Raoul is the new Viscount de Chagny and they fall in love with each other. This is bad for the Phantom because he loves Christine and her voice and does everything to get her back to being his. The Phantom sings to Christine and gets her to follow him down to his dungeon where he has a figure of her dressed in a wedding dress. She passes out after seeing that and when she awakens she realizes what he wants; her. However, she is going to marry Raoul and continues to sing opera for the Opera Populaire. Eventually, the Phantom gets tired of playing games with the two of them and steals Christine. Raoul runs down to the dungeons to save her and gets caught in the Phantom's trap. As the Phantom is close to murdering Raoul, Christine gives the Phantom a kiss and expresses how much she loves him. The Phantom then realizes how much he loves her but that he wants her to be happy. He lets Raoul go and then him and Christine sail away and get married. The Phantom was once again left alone with his monkey music box. The end of the movie expresses how Christine died, but as her husband goes to her grave to place flowers down, he notices that one single rose is left there already, which is assumed was from the Phantom of the Opera. The movie and play is actually based off of a book that was written by Gaston Leroux and published in 1911 in English. Then There was a movie made from the book, the play created by Andrew Lloyd Weber, and then this is the newest movie in which Andrew Lloyd Weber helped to produce, direct, and cast.

Here are some pictures from the movie:

This is a picture of Christine with the Phantom. This is when Christine was being taken down to the Phantom's dungeon.
This is Christine with her true love Raoul. This is a picture of the monkey music box that the Phantom had as a small child and like to listen to.

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There are also many websites that are dedicated to the music because the music was also very good for the movie and for the play. Here is a link to to music:
Music from the Phantom of the Opera

Here is a link to the movie trailer
Phantom of the Opera trailer

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