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My website will contain many different topics such as my favorite movies.
Three of my favorite movies are Titanic, Moulin Rouge, and Phantom of the Opera.
Focusing on Titanic first, I will give the history of the sinking of the ship, provide links where people can visit museums, and show pictures of artifacts as well as people escaping the sinking the ship. My website must also contain the word document required for the class on technology. It is located at the bottom of this paragraph and is on iPods
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Titanic the movie was a love story centered around the true tragedy of the sinking of the majesty ship Titanic.
What was the true story of Titanic? Well, Titanic was owned by The White Star line and built in Belfast Ireland. During the time it was constructed, it was the largest ship of it's time. It was known to be the ship of dreams and the most unsinkable ship known to anyone. However, just four days into it's voyage, The RMS Titanic struck an iceberg. When the ship was originally built, there were not enough life boats on board for the amount of people the ship could hold. When the ship hit the iceberg, the Captain knew that at least half, if not more than that would die due to the lack of lifeboats. The ship began to sink on April 14th 1912, and sank completely on April 15th 1912 two hours and forty minutes after it hit the iceberg. There were recordings of having 2,223 passengers on the ship and out of them, 1,157 people died. On top of not having enough life boats, the people that were filling the lifeboats did not fill them to the maximum capacity. The tragedy of the Titanic will live on forever in my opinion, or will at least be continued to be thought of until the last pieces of the ship disintegrate into the ocean's abyss. There are many museums dedicated to the Titanic as well as many artifacts and pictures still around from those days.

Here are some links to websites where there are museums on the Titanic.
Titanic Museum in Branson Missouri

Titanic Historical Society in Indian Orchard Massachusetts

Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Many images can be found surrounding the Titanic including these following photos of artifacts.

This is an old book that was recovered in the Titanic. This is old money that was recovered on the ocean floor near the ruins of the Titanic.

These are random artifacts recovered from the Titanic and on display at a museum. This is a beautiful teacup recovered from what was believed to be the kitchen in the Titanic.
The Titanic was a very sad movie and story but the music was extraordinary. Here is a link to listen to clips of the music:
Clips of Titanic Music

Here is the trailer:
Titanic Trailer

From the Titanic I have learned alot about family and what it means to me. I never know when they can suddenly be gone. Next up is Moulin Rouge.
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