Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) is best described as writing in the workplace. As masters in written communication, professional and technical writers convey complex information to experts and non-experts in a given field by writing, designing, and editing various workplace documents. These documents include, but are not limited to, websites, proposals, reports, brochures, and instruction manuals.

The University of Hartford is one of the few schools in New England with a PTW program, enabling students to obtain a bachelor’s degree in writing while also focusing on another major/minor. This allows students to strengthen their training in other fields by applying the skills they acquire in the program. Information technology, politics, science, criminal justice, business, and humanities are just some of the fields in demand of professional and technical writers.

With most class sizes of 15 students or fewer, the program provides students with individualized attention and instruction to promote student development and build teacher/student relations. This environment helps students master key writing concepts for the workplace and provides students with many internship opportunities.

For more information, contact Dr. Charlsye Diaz, Director of the Professional and Technical Writing Program at (860) 768-4314 and