What is Professional and Technical Writing?

Professional and Technical Writing is functional writing for business and industry. From memos and proposals to instruction manuals and speeches, professional and technical writers work with documents that are found in almost every workplace. PTW majors learn to develop their writing skills by mastering key writing concepts that apply to even the simplest of emails. As you learn these concepts, you will develop and perfect your own writing style and apply it to your career.

How is this program different from the English program?

Majoring or minoring in PTW is very different from obtaining a degree in English. Rather than focusing on analyzing literature and poetry, the PTW program emphasizes critical thinking, audience analysis, and document formats. You will refer to articles and examples of documents to produce effective documents, and instead of creating fictional works, you will learn to use your creativity to appeal to particular audiences.

How will this program help me in other fields in which I seek employment?

Whether you’re a PTW major or a minor, you will find limitless benefits in both. Have you always thought you would make a great speechwriter? Minor in politics and government, and you can obtain knowledge to set yourself apart from your competitors. Because the PTW major requires only 30 credits—7 required courses and 3 electives—the program also requires another major or a minor. You can tailor your education and leave college better prepared for your future career.

Majoring in criminal justice? You can minor in PTW and prepare yourself for the documents and briefs you will be expected to write. Requiring 18 credits—4 required courses and 2 electives—a PTW minor can help you apply proficient writing skills in the field of your choice, offering you an edge over other people in your field.

Interested in information technology? The University of Hartford's Interactive Information Technology (IIT) major requires students to specialize in a particular area, and PTW is one of the most rewarding choices available. The PTW program will prepare you to become the expert communicator needed in today's information technology companies.

How will the PTW program help me get a job?

Professional and technical writers are in high demand, and many schools still do not offer degrees in PTW. The skills you will develop and the degree you will earn will set you apart from many other job applicants. You will be able to build a portfolio to showcase your achievements, and internships are available so you can develop work experience and earn credits at the same time. You can also network and be mentored by professional and technical writers from the Society for Technical Communication.