What is Professional and Technical Writing?

Professional and Technical Writing is writing in the workplace. Graduates of our program are able to communicate complex information to a wide range of audiences and use a variety of writing styles. Examples of common tasks include:

What are the benefits of enrolling in the PTW program?

Professional and Technical writers are highly employable. Your son or daughter will acquire skills (writing, revising, editing, principles of design, critical thinking, and audience analysis) that are applicable in any work setting. Our program also provides a range of electives that can be customized to students’ interests and needs.

How will this program help my son or daughter get a job?

By the time your son or daughter graduates, he or she will have completed a number of projects that apply key concepts and skills. Each student will also build a portfolio to showcase his or her achievements, and he or she may complete one or more internships in their targeted field or industry. Finally, students can network and be mentored by professional and technical writers from the Society for Technical Communication.

What is the placement rate for Professional and Technical Writing graduates?

Graduates of the program rate 100% placement in graduate school or employment, and many of our students receive job offers before they graduate. Recent graduates have gone on to successful careers at Cigna, Hamilton-Standard, bea.com, and Vance International Security, while others have completed master's degrees at Bentley and Northeastern. Internships are also available in a variety of fields.

What types of careers do Professional and Technical Writing students obtain?

Students in the Professional and Technical Writing program are required to integrate a major / minor from another field. As a result, our students have enjoyed careers in diverse fields, including:

How much do Professional and Technical Writers earn?

The Society for Technical Communication reported in 2000 that technical writers and editors earned an average of $51,850. The typical entry-level worker earned $37,050, while senior-level professionals in supervisory roles earned $64,610. Technology fields typically offer a salary greater than these averages.