Chemistry 110 Assignments (Pence)

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Assignment One
Assignment Two
Assignment Three


Assignment One                    Due 9/14/00

Learn the names and symbols for the first 30 elements (hydrogen through zinc) listed in order of atomic number plus Ag, Au, Pb, Sn, Hg, Br, I and Rb. (Check the original assignment for the correct and entire list). You need not learn the atomic number, but you must be able to go from the name to the symbol as well as from the symbol to the correctly spelled name.  

Remember that the first letter of an atomic symbol is ALWAYS a capital and the second letter is ALWAYS lower case.  Therefore, NA is incorrect and Na is correct, etc.



Assignment Two                    Due 9/21/00

Learn the names, charges, and formulas for the following multi-element (polyatomic) cations and anions

SO42-        sulfate

SO32-        sulfite

PO43-        phosphate

CH3COO-    acetate 

OH-            hydroxide

SCN           thiocyanate

NO3-            nitrate

NO2-            nitrite

CO32-         carbonate

CN-            cyanide

NH4+            ammonium



Assignment Three                    Due 10/5/00

Learn the names and formulas of the following acids and bases

HCl        hydrochloric acid

HNO3    nitric acid

H2SO4    sulfuric acid

H3PO4    phosphoric acid

CH3COOH    acetic acid

H2CO3    carbonic acid


NaOH    sodium hydroxide

KOH        potassium hydroxide

Ca(OH)2    calcium hydroxide

NH3        ammonic