Do you feel unappreciated in your life? Do you wish that there were someone fondly thinking of all of the things you do for him or her? Then a period of gratitude is all that you need and more. I will spend any amount of time that you pay for meditating on my gratitude for all your generosity and talents. This is also a perfect gift for a friend, co-worker, or loved one that you don’t have the time to be grateful to.

Positive Reinforcements

Does your future make you feel uneasy? Afraid that you might not succeed? Do you or someone you know need a person out there wishing them well on their endeavors? Would having a person out there thinking of you and wishing you well along the way increase your confidence? Positive reinforcement is exactly what you need. I will meditate to send you all of the positive energy and luck that you deserve to give you the boost that you need.

Bad Vibes *Top Seller*

Is there someone in your life that you feel is holding you back? Is there a person around you who just wont leave you alone? Do you know a person who you feel gets more than they deserve? My bad vibes are perfect for your needs. Don’t concern yourself with thinking ill of them. Leave that to me! I will spend a session mentally assaulting them with all of the fervor that they deserve.

Sexual Fantasyzing

Feeling a lack of desire in your relationships? Are you single and sexually frustrated? Do you wonder if there is anyone out there who wants you? Look no further! If you choose to purchase a Sexual Fantasizing session, you will have me meditating to send you all of my sexual desire and lust. (NOTE: Any photographs submitted for this particular service need not be explicit. A portrait will work just fine.)

Because of the extreme sensitivity and skill required for the task, and additional charge $5.00 will be added to all orders of Sexual Fantasizing.


Are you feeling preoccupied with your thoughts on the future? Stressed out about someone you love? Leave all your worrying to me. Take comfort going about your daily life, knowing that I have taken on your burden of anxiety. With this particular order, a short description of your situation is quite helpful, and only enhances the quality of the session.

Inner Reflection

Do you ever waste time wondering about a decision that you’ve made? How often do you ponder the type of person that you would like to be? Send me your name and a description of the aspects of your psyche that require introspection, and I can take care of all of that for you. With my practiced meditation I can provide all of the reflection that you need, all while freeing your body and mind to deal with whatever more pressing matters you have at hand.