Mission Statement

Global economic crises in the modern age have left millions (if not BILLIONS) of people around the world struggling with balance their increasingly busy work schedules with their private. In this day in age, productivity is of the utmost importance, and time for personal ruminations is a luxury that many cannot afford. Contemplative activities can serve as an unhealthy distraction and can also increase stress levels in those affected. Given all of this information that I have observed, I have decided that the best way that I can serve the public is to relieve my customers of the burdens of cogitation and daydreaming.

Another unfortunate side effect of the modern age is the pervasiveness of technology shutting out the emotional human experience. Many people feel under valued, as if no one else in the world is thinking of them. Because of this I have also decided to perform the service of thought projection. I can think of the person who places the order or I can think of someone else on his or her behalf. I feel that it is vital for people to feel that they are appreciated in order for them to succeed. It is my duty, as someone who possesses superior thinking capabilities, to use my abilities to help those people who do not have the time or power to think for themselves.


It is my most heartfelt promise to use my superior cognitive abilities to deliver the best quality thoughts to all of my customers. I would not take on such a massive responsibility without the proper qualifications.

Having spent much time alone from early childhood onward, I have put much time and practice into optimizing and cultivating my mind’s thinking and emoting potential. I have a much higher than average intelligence level, which I feel makes me perfect for such services. Spending much of my time reading and studying throughout my younger years, I was in the National Honors Society in high school. A connectedness to the psyche is vital for proper thought projection. I also am a very talented artist and photographer; I am currently attending the University of Hartford Art School. These skills that show my sensitivity and caring nature. I also have many friends and family members that will testify that I am a very good listener. Furthermore, I have taken many yoga and Pilates classes over the years, and the last yoga class I attended in college I received a P for Pass as a grade.


Please note that all thought projections and cognition sessions are all completely privileged and private. I do not divulge and conclusion, solutions, epiphany, etc. that I arrive at with any outside party or even with my customers who place the order. I feel that this cheapens the experience for my customers (giving them even more to think about after the session is completed), and it detracts from my abilities to serve others in a timely and devoted manner. Let each complementary certificate be proof to you that a caring, dedicated, intelligent individual has taken the time to handle your thinking for you and would be delighted to do so again in the future.