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This conference is for educators, students, and the whole community. It builds upon several initiatives, starting with the 1995 Beijing conference--the Fourth World Conference on Women-- which increased global consciousness about the crucial role of women in building a culture of peace. We are now midway through the Decade of a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, passed as a resolution by the United Nations General Assembly and by a manifesto signed by all of the living peace Nobel Laureates. The precepts of the Culture of Peace emphasize the importance of women and men partnering in moving forward for global peace. Security Council Resolution 1325, passed unanimously in 2000 is the first resolution passed by the Security Council specifically addressing the impact of war on women and children, and women’s contributions to conflict resolution and sustainable peace. Here is a recent speech on this resolution and another one by one of our keynote speakers.

Building on these initiatives, this conference will highlight some of the contributions of women globally, nationally and locally, examine how men and women differ in their peacemaking activities, and teach diverse and practical peacemaking skills.

Please post B/W flyers for us: letter size or legal size (please snip the information tabs). Thanks!

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