All about me....                                                            
             My all time favorite actor and person in life is Johnny Depp, I can
always been seen at the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie and also enjoy most all of his other work. I also love Spongebob, anyone who knows me knows i'm constantly seen watching spongebob even though he drives my mom crazy. Among other things i love spending time with my sister, and as you can see we love being silly. We've always been really close and do everything together. I also love hanging out with my boyfriend Eddy, he always participates in the crazy things my family does. He has become part of the family and does most everything with us along with my sister's best friend who was seen in a previous link. My love in life is dancing and playing the piano, for as a long as i can remember i have loved to dance. I've been dancing since i was three and hopefully will never stop. I've taken everything from ballet to hip hop and everything in between. I've danced in plays and competitions. Dancing and playing the piano are definitely things I will never give up.