Just some pictures from some of our many adventures together......

 The natural bridge, located in natural bridge VA,
     is one of the seven wonders of the world   

                                       The Natural Bridge Taverns in Natural Bridge VA,
                                             over 600 feet underground, where these
                                             stalagmites grow from salts in the earth.

Also in natural bridge VA,

The local "sliding rock", were people of all ages line up
      to slide down this natural wet rock.

For more information about the Natural Bridge and the Natural Bridge Caverns in Natural Bridge VA and the surrounding area, click here

In the Smokey Mountains, North Carolina,

                The Blue Ridge parkway                                           Moms trike

In Pennsylvania,
The bus featured in Forest Gump, a famous            Also a cool float featured outside the museum
         movie starring Tom Hanks

And Lastly, Outer Banks North Carolina,

       Driving on the beach with a caravan group              Finally found the wild horses just a little off the beach
                of jeeps looking for the wild horses

The house in Rodanthe, the town were we stayed, used and
featured in the movie The Nights in Rodanthe
Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

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