The National Residence Hall Honorary is based on four pillars:

  • Leadership
  • Recognition
  • Scholastics
  • Service


Our inducted members are exemplary leaders within their residence halls and the campus community at large. We seek to continue to foster leadership skills within our own members, as well as other residents on campus.


Recognition is one of the primary functions of NRHH. As an organization, we recognize our member as being the top 1% of residential students based on our four pillars. We recognize good work on campus through our "Of The Month" program and through other recognition-based programs throughout the year.


As an honorary, we seek members who are academically strong. All of our members must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA to stay in good standing in the organization. We provide academic support for our members and seek to help other residents on campus with their schoolwork.


We encourage our members to be active in the community. We help with other groups' service projects that occur throughout the year and plan to sponsor our own service events in the near future.