Campus Winners



We are excited to announce that we will soon have campus winners to post! Submissions for February OTMs are due on March 1st, and campus winners will be selected before March 10th.

What Are OTMs? FAQs about OTMS

Of The Months (OTMs) are a great way to recognize the great work that we see around campus every day. There are several categories for of the months, some general and some specifically for different types of programs. Every month, our chapter of NRHH will select a campus winner for any categories we receive. We will then submit all campus-winning OTMs to the regional level of NRHH where they will be eligible to become an OTM for all of New England and New York. Any winners on the regional level will then be eligible on the national level.


How do I write an OTM?

Most OTMs are just brief summaries about why you are nominating who or what you are nominating. For general OTMs, the word count limit is 600 words. For program OTMs, there are several specific questions most of which have 200 - 400 word limits.

How do I submit an OTM?

Go to and look at the left side of the page. In the sidebar, the first heading says "Submit OTM", and you can choose either General Category or Program Category. You then choose "University of Hartford" from the drop down box and you will be able to fill out the OTM form.

Do I need to create an account to submit an OTM?

Nope! Anyone can submit one without creating an account! You can, however, create an account if you would like to save your personal information so that you don't have to re-type it every time you submit an OTM.

      Any individual who directly advises a residence life organization and has made outstanding contributions to the organization(s). The individual may be the main advisor or the graduate advisor.

    Community Service Program
      A service or philanthropic program that benefits a group, charity, or other organization. This could include drives, fundraising, charity runs and/or book fairs, or other specific events. The program should focus on the importance of the residents giving back to their broader communities in which they live.

    Diversity Program
      A program that promotes and educates about diversity and understanding. This program illustrates the importance of promoting diversity in the residence halls as well as embracing diversity in the every day lives of the residents.

    Educational Program
      A program meant to educate residents about a topic, issue or idea. Programs nominated in this category can range from academic success programming, learning a new skill or promoting global citizenship, etc.

    Executive Board Member
      This category recognizes the outstanding contributions of an Executive Board member of a member school's residence life organization and the work of the board member within the Executive Board and across residence halls on their campus.

    First Year Student
      Any student first year student leader (freshman, transfer student, non-traditional, etc) who excels in adapting to a new environment within their residence hall and taking an active role in their communities and positively impacting those around them. Submissions in this category may emphasize academics, leadership, involvement, contributions to community, floor, hall, residence life organizations, etc. Individuals that would be eligible for nomination in any other category are ineligible for nomination in the First Year Student category.

    Institution Faculty/Staff
      Individuals who aid students in their academics, which includes professors, instructors, teaching assistants, counselors, and other academic affairs staff. This category is intended to recognize institutional faculty who have made a contribution to the residence life community both in and out of the classroom.

      Any organization that has actively contributed to the student leadership, recognition, or other aspects of residence life during the month of nomination. This is for recognition of the organization as a whole and not just the accomplishments of a few members. Emphasis should be placed on the successes of the organization as well as how they have helped the campus in general and the residence life community.

    Passive Program
      Any program that does not require anyone to actively run it for people to participate in it. This category is intended to recognize residential programming that occurs through bulletin boards, newsletters, pamphlets, etc.

    Residence Life Faculty/Staff
      Individuals who aid residents within the housing campus community. This category is intended to recognize the Residence Life Faculty/Staff who are not eligible for the Resident Assistant category and who have made contributions to the residence life community.

    Resident Assistant
      Any individual within a residence hall student staff who has worked with/impacted residents on their floor or in their hall, gone above and beyond the duties of their job, supporting residents in the communities in which they work, supported their residence life organizations, and/or made outstanding contributions to the hall in which they work during the month of nomination. The OTM should focus on the nominee's accomplishments within the RA role, but may also include other roles or responsibilities taken on during the month of nomination, such as supporting the above-mentioned organizations.

    Residential Community
      Any residential community, such as wings, halls, floor, complexes, etc. This award should emphasize what this community has done as well as how it has supported others (both within and outside their community). This community being recognized must not be an official campus organization. Should illustrate what brings a group of individuals together and how they worked together as a group to accomplish their goals during the month of nomination. Communities that would be eligible for nomination in any other category are ineligible for nomination in the Community category.

    Social Program
      Any social program that focuses on resident interaction and their ability to meet new people and socialize. Programs in this category can range from being a floor social program to a campus wide program.

      Anything that does not fall under any of the other categories that you feel is worthy of an Of the Month recognition. Individuals or groups that would be eligible for nomination in any other category are ineligible for nomination in the Spotlight category.

      Any individual enrolled as a student at the institution who has made outstanding contributions to the residence halls during the month of nomination. Things to consider may be students who have made a contribution to their floor, hall, residence life organization, etc. through leadership, motivation, programming, volunteering and/or being a role model for other residents during the month of nomination. This OTM may address several areas of student life, such as academics, leadership, involvement and more. Also of importance is how the nominee has balanced their roles as a leader and a student and the display of good academic choices. Advisors, executive board members, first year students and anyone that can be classified as being in the resident assistant category are not eligible for an award in this category.