Virginia Noonburg 
Professor of Mathematics
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, Connecticut 06117-1599
Office: 235 Dana Hall
Voice Mail:(860)768-4052
Office Hours Spring 2008

    MathLab Tutoring (D208A):

M242-Differential Equations

Syllabus and Class Notes

Updated Syllabus for M242

M246-Advanced Engineering Math for CEs

Least Squares program

M344-Advanced Engineering Math

M344 Syllabus Fall 2010

M344 Homework Due Dates

M344 Homework #1

Lecture 1: Mass-spring equation, complex numbers

Lecture 2: Review of Taylor Series

M344 Homework #2

Lecture 3: Series solutions of ordinary d.e.s

Lecture 4: General solution, Aging Spring eqution

M344 Homework #3

Lecture 5: Cauchy-Euler equations, method of Frobenius

Lecture 6: Bessel's equation

M344 Homework #4

Sample Exam 1 + Answers

Lab 1

Lecture 7: Singular points, the Gamma function

Lecture 8: Converting d.e.s to Bessel's equation

Lecture 9: Orthogonal functions, Fourier Series

Lecture 10: Cosine and Sine Series

Lecture 11: Sturm-Liouville boundary-value problems

Lecture 12: Intro to p.d.e.s, derivation of heat equation

Lecture 13: Heat equation by separation of variables

Exam 2 Review + Answers

Lecture 14: Non-homogeneous heat equation

Lecture 15: One-dimensional wave equation

Lecture 16: Damped wave equation, D'Alembert's solution

Lecture 17: Numerical solution of p.d.e.s

Lecture 18: Laplace's equation, analytic and numeric solution

Lecture 19: Vibrating circular drumhead

Exam 3 Review + Answers

Lecture 20: Wave equation on a rectangle

Lecture 21: Motion of a deflected beam

Lecture 22: A Predator-Prey system

Lecture 23: Sous-vide cooking p.d.e.

NEW!! Lab. 3 (due Mon, Dec 6, 2010)

Sample Final Solutions

Answers to the Fall 2006 Final