Artist Statement
digital motion in motion...

I'm interested in activating and involving the individual viewer in these interactive  installations that I am proposing here.
I want to capture the viewer's mind and emotion with these interactive projections, and create new thought and feeling.
The exciting part of this is that no two viewers will experience the same thing when they see the installation, and will
not have the same reactions. Instead, what gets created is a matrix of new ideas, thoughs and meanings that have grown
out of my original database of images, videos, or soundclips. I want to take advantage of this fact, with minimal sensory
input, create an intricate and expanding web of perceptions.

for the 2009 Media Arts Show...

I am proposing to create 5 interactive installations, to be considered for the 2009 Media Arts Senior Show. I will use the
mediaboxes and the main lobby in the Hartford Art School on designated days until then to test my projects.

I'm proposing 2 or 3 of the best works that come out of this to be included in the final show, along with a display of my
website and business cards also in the gallery space.
of the 2009 installations...

Life of the Deep

  • Mon Jan 26 – Make (this project is finished, so I will plan out all other projects to work together)
  • Mon Feb 02 – Install (find two good projectors, sign out main lobby)



  • Mon Feb 09 – Make (create database of expressions of the same length in frames, animate with pure-data)
  • Mon Feb 16 – Install (fix final errors, project on the main-lobby wall, 12ft above floor)


World View

  • Mon Feb 23 – Make (transfer program from Isadora to puredata, get more videoclips)
  • Mon Mar 02 – Install (fix any errors with newly-added videoclips, sign out main lobby for two evenings, one to test, second to document)


Out of Body Experience

  • Mon Mar 09 – Make (shoot video on-board the Port Jefferson/Bridgeport Ferry, edit, burn dvds)
  • Mon Mar 16 – Install (find good exhibition space, setup in mediabox or project on king-size sheets in the main lobby)


This installation will enveope the viewer with projections on the front and side walls, and if possible, floor and ceiling
as well. The imagery are simple views from the decks of a ship, but not seing the ship itself will produce a unique out
of body sensory experience.

Poetics of Relation

  • Mon Mar 23 – Make (work on this will have begun long before this date, but now is the time to write the final pure-data/flash program, and work out system requrements, if computer cant handle  all the video, only still images will be played)
  • Mon Mar 30 – Install (setup in mediabox)

This installation will videotape a person in a room, looking at a wall of similar projected videoclips of people that were
in the room before, creating a growing web of responses to the previous web of responses. Sound will also be relayed
with each videoclip.


Senior Show

  • Mon Apr 06 – Plan (consecutively with last project, find 2 or 3 best projects and best places to exhibit, work with other majors, sign out projectors/cameras, do preliminary tests)
  • Mon Apr 13 – Install (setup show)

Supporting Work
2008 installations...

World View

This installation transforms a person in a room into a traveler of the world. The program analyzes the position of the
person left to right, and streams audio and video from that relative lattitude of the world. It brings the everyday lives
across continents together into the same room.


Life of the Deep

This installation creates a simulated deep-sea habitat on a wall. The life beneath the sea is hidden, black, but when a
person walks by, it is revealed in a window of light, like looking through a submarine porthole. If the creatures swim
towards the center of the window, they are startled and swim away.



This is a fun installation. A face, animated to follow a passing person. The face sometimes makes expressions of
happiness, anger or excitement, imposing random moods on the relationship between itself and its subject.