Mike Maleszyk

Geo-Caching is known as the world scavenger hunt, where people plant treasure, called a cache. The cache can be hidden with in the public world, but in spots the public does not venture, like the woods. After the cache is hidden the person doing the hiding posts it's GPS location to the Geocaching website where others will try to find it.

This particular cache/installation deals with the two extremes of being in nature, and being in a technological world. This cache was a multi cache making people travel through about a mile of woods, in Elizabeth Park, West Hartford, CT. People hunting will find cards at each cache, with directions getting them to the next site.

The last cache in the series of three, brings the hunter back to his or her computer, to get an augmented reality experience of a globe, the user can hold in his or her hands. To find out more or to explore this cache and get your own globe, hit up, and look for GeoCash by Malzak. Follow the directions and have fun.