Katelyn Gagnon + Brian Slowikowski

Our installation piece will have a projector on one side of a small room, projecting a video on the opposite wall. However, in between the wall and the projector will be glow sticks attached to wire, hanging from the ceiling. This glowing surface will not catch any of the projected video. This way, it is impossible to see the video unless you physically move the glow sticks out of the way. The soundtrack within the space will be audio from various pornographic films. Our goal is to use the explicit found audio in order to coerce people into moving the glow sticks to see the accompanying video. When the viewer moves the glow sticks to reveal the video, the video will actually be clips from CNN and Fox News Network.

This installation piece will encourage the participation of the viewer, which will make it an interesting social experiment. We hope to be able to use the aesthetic beauty of over a hundred glow sticks to attract people's initial interests. We will create a very surreal environment that will warrant the viewer to investigate further. Our goal is to deceive the viewer into participating with the implied promise of pornographic footage.

This piece will reflect two separate elements. The first will be people’s natural inclinations to succumb to lust. It will be difficult to actually view the video that is being projected. We have to give people extra incentive to attempt to move the glow sticks out of the way, so if we allude to the idea that there is actually porn being shown on the opposite wall, people will be more likely to go out of their way to try and see it. We want to seduce people into participating in our installation, just as anyone would be sexually seduced into anything else. Also, we will be bringing attention to the parallel of what is broadcast on popular news networks, and what is generally construed as adult content. News networks typically display graphically violent content, but it is widely considered appropriate considering its context. This juxtaposition will show two alleged pornographies and make the viewer rethink the content and context of each.