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Kelsey Flynn + Bridget Marien

For our final project, we’ve designed an installation piece that plays with the idea of reflection of sound, in a room that is 20’ by 30’ feet, with 8’ tall walls.  The wall color is black, while the floor has a white circular path surrounded by the color black.  When entering the installation, there are about 10 black speakers sporadically installed, by height, in the black walls. 

The speakers are each playing different sounds from nature, and being slightly separated, so the viewer can hear each sound by itself.  The lighting in the installation space will be spotlights hanging from the white ceiling.  There will be a long umbrella holder when entering the installation, and the viewer is to grab and umbrella, open it up, follow the white path and discover how differently the sounds reflect off the umbrella when the umbrella is popped open. There is an attached drawing to where the speakers will be placed on each wall. The white circular path on the floor is 5’ thick and the space surrounding the path is just pure black. There will be 10 different colored umbrellas, the colors will be: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple, pink, turquoise and magenta.            

The installation is giving the people who enter the experience to have a private interaction with the many different sounds that come from nature.  When the viewer enters the dark installation, they should hear the soft sounds of nature coming from the many speakers that are scattered around the room.  The viewer then picks up an umbrella when they enter.  When opening the umbrella the viewer should feel a sense of comfort because of the umbrella’s encompassing effect.  They then will start slowly walking around the room and following the white path that is on the ground.  Every few steps the viewer will listen to a different sound of nature that will be reflecting into the umbrella.  Some sounds might be heard louder than others and might give the listener a more intense reaction.  The umbrella, realistically, is used for protecting a person from the wet rain. 

This installation is allowing the viewer to experience that feeling without all the worries that one goes through when hearing those noises.  Hearing the different noises in the umbrella should be comforting to the viewer because the umbrella shields the viewer from the other people that might be walking around the installation so they will be getting a private experience.  Also, it shields them from the other sounds happening throughout the room so the viewer will be hearing one sound more than others.  When leaving the installation the viewer should feel relaxed and enjoy the many sounds of nature that they experienced.