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Ethan Bodnar + Sarah Mitrani

Physical Description
This installation will focus around a large cylindrical structure (see attached image) placed in the center of the media box. This structure will be 13.83x10.83 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall and made out of bent plywood. It will then be painted white to create a smooth, neutral surface. The cylinder will have one inch holes drilled sporadically into the surface. This creates viewfinders which will allow the viewer to see into the structure.

The interior of the cylinder will also be painted white. In addition to the stark white surface, the phrase "Immeasurably or inconceivable greater than any preassigned ifinite value however large," created with Gerber text, will be looped around the inside of the cylinder. The viewer will have to go from hole to hole to view the text in full. Also, the hole they look through in what order will change their perception and context of the phrase. The phrase will in a sense never end because at the end of it there is a comma.

The main light source to view this text will come from the three projectors that will be set up on the ceiling. The projection will consist of videos of fast moving cells placed in an infinite loop. All three projectors will play the same video, placed almost seamlessly together with a slight overlap between them. The projection will be focused on the cylinder and will filter through the holes. Therefore, the images will become abstracted by the surface of the cylinder as well as the act of the light being forced through the holes.

This piece is an exploration of the idea of the loop and how the viewer experiences the space through the loop as they walk around the cylinder. It questions the viewer’s sense of space by taking a phrase and changing the context depending on where they view it from. It forces them to continue around the loop in order to read the full phrase which relates to the human mind’s desire to see the full picture. There is the continuous theme of the loop throughout with the different aspects of the piece. There is the video of the cells representing the coninuation and multiplication of their existence, essentially a loop based structure. The people themselves are part of the loop as they move around the piece, making it an interactive installation.