Project Guidelines

Mountain Music [with caller for example]
Russal's Men


instruction juxtaposition

squaredance sourcefiles

1. The Old Red Barn
Schroeder's Playboys

2. Billy
Sets in Order

3. Chords Galore
Sets in Order

4. Mountain Music
Russal's Men

5. Dream Train
The Texans

6. Is You Is [Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby]
Russal's Men

7. Blue Sioux City Five
The Texans

8. Mama Don't Allow
Pete Lofthouse Band

9. Joan of Arkansaw
Pete Lofthouse Band

10. Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Al Russ Orchestra





These files
are the appropriated
square dance music sources
to be used for one of the
Compulsory Composition
content area options
for your final project portfolio.

You can listen and audition,
then download the ones you want to use
[remember that they are AIFFs]


download the ZIP archive
of the entire 11 track set.







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